Wired Minds-Saudade

saudadeChicago trio Wired Minds might be new to the local scene, but they are trading in sounds that will be familiar to music fans who grew up with college radio in the 80s and early 90s. Their debut EP, Saudade, brings back fond memories of dark teenage days.

Opening cut “Victoria” (not to be confused with the Fall’s cover of the Kinks hit) cribs the guitar line from The Church’s “Reptile” but the move comes off as cool homage rather than outright steal. The following track, “Strange Kind of Love,” is also the title of a Peter Murphy hit from 1989 but Wired Minds bring unique sounds to the table even as they reference Bauhaus, The Cult and their goth brethren. The final track on Saudade, “Where You End and I Begin,” is original in title and song structure all the way through: post-punk, new wave, neo-psych and Brit-pop are still touchstones but the song does not sound like one particular band. Matthew Kayser’s vocals are assured; Fred O’Neal’s guitars and synths are nice and chilly; Christian Volpe’s drumming is propulsive and un-showy.