Wired Minds bring Brit-pop influence, new EP to Metro

Wired Minds, a new Chicago band inspired by 1980s and ’90s British pop and rock, will release their highly-anticipated debut EP Saudade at the Metro this Friday, December 11 at 8pm. A free limited edition three-song EP, Saudade will be a preview of Wired Minds’ debut full-length record, due out in early 2016. Also on the 18+ bill are Tanks and Guns, UnderFire, Sex Therapy, and The Energy Commission.

Formed in 2015, Wired Minds feature reverb-drenched guitars, driving rhythms, and soaring vocals that have earned comparisons to Britpop icons The Stone Roses, ’80s post-punkers The Chameleons, and Australian favorites The Church. The band is comprised of lead singer Matthew Kayser, drummer Christian Volpe, and guitarist Fred O’Neal.

According to Kayser, Saudade is a fitting name for the collection of melancholic and nostalgic songs found on Wired Minds’ debut EP:

Saudade is a Portuguese word that is meant to express a feeling of longing or nostalgia for a person or place that is no longer attainable. The word perfectly captures the lyrical content of these three songs. This EP is partially the product of a newfound obsession with certain faces and places of my childhood and early adulthood.”

Further details on the Metro show are linked here.

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