This Week – May 4th, 2017

May 4th, 2017 Join us for our weekly show featuring all Chicago music, Thursdays from 6-8pm on 88.7FM WLUW or streaming online at!

The AV Club – 6:00pm

the av clubMembers of Chicago’s top working and original music bands come together frequently to let loose in an open-ended environment. The format is ever-changing because of musician schedules, which contributes to its carefree sound. Despite a rotating cast of characters, this collective always delivers a wildly organic and original sound with a different approach to the music each time it is played.
May 12 @Emporium
21+ // 8pm // Free

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Monthly Hip Hop Cypher with DJ Jeff Da Illest  – 6:30pm

GatzJay Lyn Gatz is an independent hip-hop artist born on the south side of Chicago. He began rapping in 2001. Gatz’ music serves as an outlet to polish his craft and individuality. He wants his words to stick with people like his father’s words stuck with him. He has formulated a laid-back sound with a sharp romantic flow and a suave persona to match.
Jay Lyn Gatz has a wide range of inspirations such as video games, literature, 90’s pop culture, the 70’s, anime, films, visual artwork, and graphic novels. 90’s hip-hop particularly inspires Gatz because of its ability to contain substance with a gritty outer layer. He is persistent when it comes to making original sounding music and is extremely strict on himself when it comes to his creative process. He focuses on creating music that’s as original as possible. He wants to inspire people to always follow their own path. He’s looking to make an impact on music in Chicago and beyond with his unique sound, staggering signature afro, and shades.

Da$H was born in the heart of Chicago. He grew up playing sports, but would soon begin to channel his thoughts and energy into poetry. After years of practice and writing, Da$H knew that he wanted to create poetry for the rest of his life. He began experimenting with music and fell in love. Hard. Since that moment, Da$H has done everything in his power to continue to advance and develop his skills, and the proof is in the pudding.

In 2011 he assembled his first band that would consist of drums, guitar, piano, bass, trumpet, saxophone, violin, and a female vocalist to accompany him: Da$Htone was born and their music was unheard of. Drawing influence from artists such as Lupe Fiasco, Immortal Technique, John Legend, Lauryn Hill, Jack Johnson, Citizen Cope, Amy Winehouse, and Blu; their melodies were honest and pure promoting love, peace and understanding. “If violence is the answer, than the question, it was wrong anyway. Let’s build something great. There’s never been a limit on what love will create”Felix by Da$Htone.

D2GChicago Hip-Hop Props Award-Winner Anthony Di’Angelo Ingram, Jr. or “D2G” as he’s called in the Hip-Hop scene, is a laborer in music. A focused emcee in his own right, D2G seeks to bring glory back to his hometown of Chicago and earn his rightful place among hip-hop’s elite. Since releasing his first solo project in 2011, The Blood Diamond Tape, and his first album in 2013, July 9th: A Cancer Story, D2G has been performing and promoting his music across the city. Recently, he released his sophomore effort, Short Summers Long Winters, a project guaranteed to solidify him as rising royalty in Chicago’s underground scene and helped him win the Props Award for Best Male Emcee. D2G is dropping 2 EP’ s this year starting with “The 1st Hot Day” E.P June 23rd produced entirely by Tony Baines.




is a 27 year old from the Southside of Chicago. Been doing music since I was 12 but had been creative all my life. He has a lot of love and passion for music but his new found motivation are his 2 daughters Alexandria and Leilani.



The Saps – 7:00pm

the sapsThe Saps are a hard-hitting, legendary Rock n Roll band that have played and toured for fans all around the country. During their first three releases 1..2..3.. Drink, Finally A band you can Trust and Undesirable (known to old school Saps fans from back in the ‘days of debauchery’) The Saps music and scene have been spreading one town at a time for almost 20 years.

May 10 @RibFest

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Da$Htone – 7:30pm

Da$Htone is a chicago ‘organic hip-hop’ collective that centers around the rhyming of main MC Da$h pasulka, backed up by a smooth live band and soul singers as well as traditional DJ type hip-hop production touches. “The sound of Da$htone smoulders…the players have a decidedly sultry, retro, almost ‘quiet storm’ vibe that provides a chill background for Da$H to show his skills over. the varying flows riding old-school soul type playing create a tension that brings you in.” –

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