This Week – May 26th, 2016

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Ryland Foxx – 6:00pm

Ryland FoxxIn the exclusive terrain where the melodic and harmonic sensibilities of a weathered, Americana singer/songwriter meet the brashness of a seasoned punk rock artist, you’ll find Ryland Foxx‘s boots firmly planted. Influenced by modern solo artists like Ryan Adams, Jason Isbell, and Butch Walker, as well as classic rock/punk acts like Gin Blossoms, The Misfits, and The Ramones- his roots are evident yet tastefully confident, as Foxx carries his audience through an array of eras and styles in the unparalleled journey to his musical destinations. “Foxx’s songwriting draws effortlessly from these different genres and his vocals are able to capture this sound just as easily.” (Heath Andrews, Music Critic) “Ryland Foxx is a tough artist to put into any one genre. Blending pop with rock and hints of country, he’s an eclectic artist with a great talent.” (Female First, UK).

If there’s one thing that makes Foxx stand out on his own as a bona-fide artist, it is undoubtedly his refined skill of procuring original, memorable melodies from his themes of life, love, and tragedy that effortlessly prompt a raw, emotional response. “Ryland Foxx is a true natural. He has mastered the art of creating emotion from words and music…. the music provokes listening, not just hearing…a natural talent for putting personal emotion to meaningful melodies.” (Fan Quote)

Reputed for performing extended 4-hour-sets on a whim, playing 75+ solo shows annually, and writing at extraordinary frequencies, Foxx eagerly fits the role of a grinding, independent musician always honing his craft. As a teenager and into his 20s, Foxx performed in the club circuit as a drummer and vocalist in various punk and rock & roll bands. Through intensive study of yesterday and today’s greats, coupled with the desire to become a true student of the game, this relatively new artist has attained a euphonious knack for songwriting that he can truly call his own.

With the urge to take his seriousness for the craft to a more accessible level, Foxx built a professional recording studio, The Foxx Den, in his home in 2014 where he continues to produce new, original music. Officially, he has released two singles on his own label (H&V Recordings) that are available at all digital retailers. The singles include 2013’s rocker, “All You Want” (co-written with Johnny Douglas), and 2015’s country ballad, “Leaving You Alone.” Unofficially, he has released 3 volumes of his “Acoustic Bootleg” series, which are available on Sound Cloud and YouTube. As a member of the Nashville Songwriters Association International (NSAI), Foxx has developed a passion for co-writing with other songwriters across the country–working with both lyricists and musicians of all volumes. As he continues to perform at Chicago’s most prominent and historic venues, he is also quickly becoming a part of Nashville’s world-famous songwriting community, making “Nash-Vegas” his new home away from home.

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Vicko – 6:30pm

vickoScholaR Comics is inspired by the real life events of the creator and illustrator, Vicko Alvarez. Born and raised in Dallas, Texas and currently living on the south side of Chicago, Vicko is one of five children born to working class immigrant parents. The stories told in ScholaR Comics reflect a clashing of cultures and generations. The comics use lighthearted, sometimes humorous events to tell otherwise tough stories of growing up Latina in a low-income neighborhood.

Chola and cholo culture were in for Latinxs raised in the 90s. It gave a new and confident look and identity to youth being raised by the streets but the reality of living in this culture isn’t just long tees and eye liner. Cholxs continue to be viewed as troublemakers; a community of youth more concerned with physical appearance and parties than they are about their communities. From Los Angeles to Dallas, the violence in cholx culture is still real and the parties are still hype, but like with any youth of color out to make a name for themselves, there’s always more to the story.

ScholaR is not your stereotypical lil chola. She’s raised by the same hood, attended the same low-performing schools, and witnesses the same street brawls as everyone else. ScholaR’s a huge nerd though. But who says cholas don’t read or do good at math? ScholaR is a bookworm who cares about her hood. She cares about her classmates and she cares about her family. She knows her parents struggle to make ends meet and she knows her streets aren’t always safe for playing. What she doesn’t know is why. Why does her hood always end up on the 9 o clock news? Why are her parents always fighting? Why does everyone keep saying she’s gonna end up a teen mom?

Too real? Well like I said, there’s a lot more to the story of this tough little bookworm so stay tuned.

Vicko’s work was most recently featured in Latina Magazine. Her comics have also been exhibited as part of Pilsen Open Studios “Cartoons with a Conscience” with a forthcoming exhibit scheduled this summer at the Museum of Latin American Art in Long Beach.

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Chicago Singles Club – 7:30pm

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