This Week – July 27th, 2017

July 27th, 2017 Join us for our weekly show featuring all Chicago music, Thursdays from 6-8pm on 88.7FM WLUW or streaming online at!

6:30pm – Kevin Andrew Prchal

L_S Web PhotoKEVIN ANDREW PRCHAL: At first blush, “Love & Summer,” the third full-length album from Chicago-based singer/songwriter, Kevin Andrew Prchal, is a rollicking celebration of its two titular themes. Radiating romance and whimsy, the album revels in the never-ending present of love; its songs ecstatic and tender, playful and impassioned. Early on, “Love & Summer” stakes out its territory—a green and blossoming world which Prchal explores with breathless wonder and delight. Musically and lyrically, its mood is pastoral: fiddles and pedal steel mingle with the recurring voices of cicadas, and Prchal draws on a register of natural images to populate its landscape. Yet even while “Love & Summer” presents an homage to this idealized world, the album is also—perhaps more so—a paean to an evanescent present, where, as Prchal sings, “time will fade like sugar on your tongue.” In this sense, the insistent optimism of “Love & Summer” is motivated less by the dizzy raptures of love than by a hard-won awareness of the fleetingness of things and a determination to remain focused on the here-and-now of real human connection.

8/5 @Fitzgerald’s

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7:30pm – Michelle Graves

gravesI question, research and reason with big subjects like death, quantum physics and consciousness, which embody the unknown. This gives me a plethora of space for exploration and interpretation while interweaving the multi-discipline research.

My process consists of dissecting research and relating terminology within material and writing parameters. Techniques include stream-of-consciousness, graphical or gestural text paintings, abstract equations, short videos, zines, mixed media and installations.

I also have a persona within the street art community that is a digital “8 Bit” heart stenciled with red and blue paint representing the anatomical heart in a technology obsessed world.

7/7 – 8/12 @WomanMadeGallery

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