This Week – August 3rd, 2017

August 3rd, 2017 Join us for our weekly show featuring all Chicago music, Thursdays from 6-8pm on 88.7FM WLUW or streaming online at!

6:00pm – Beastii

beastiiChicago’s BEASTII is the unhinged monster brain-child of guitarist Jen Dot (Swimsuit Addition) featuring Chris Lee (Soddy Daisy) and Dom (Atomic, Love, Dom’s Rock Fantasy). This trio will get down to the deepest caverns of your eardrums, so bring a headlamp if you wanna see your insides, y’all – safety first.

Aug 4th @Reed’sLocal

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6:30pm – Monthly Cypher

Screen Shot 2017-08-02 at 9.20.34 PMRhymSter

Chicago is a city of Hip Hop veterans, warriors and freethinkers. It’s no frills approach to Rap and Hip Hop is cutthroat, blue collar and rough around the edges. Chicago MC, RhymSter embodies this gritty quality, and emerges from the Chicago scene as one of the brightest talents in the city.

With a mixture of the sharp staccato flows of the 90’s updated to the current musical landscape, RhymSter weaves in and out of the beat, cutting through tracks with superior wordplay, street bravado and mind piercing lyrics. RhymSter is a student and businessman of Hip Hop.  He is the President of Ever Evolved, a producer by his own right, who also serves the Hip Hop community with his own studio, Ever Evolved.  RhymSter has an innumerable stage presence, spontaneous energy, and has opened up for acts such as Curren$y and local legend Jitu Tha Jugganot.  RhymSter has performed at venues such as The Metro, Subterranean and the Portage Theater.  His company has recently thrown its first three-day festival called “E.A.T. (Evolve & Thrive) Music Festival. On top of that Ever Evolved has thrown countless events around the city of Chicago as well as some out of state events. RhymSter is a student and leader of the Chicago Hip Hop Renaissance, and is poised to take the game to a new level.

Screen Shot 2017-08-02 at 9.22.40 PMSlick

Slick (short for “YesImSlick”) hails from the West coast of California, but resides in Chicago at the moment. His unique image and his versatile flow will always give you an impressive offering. He is 1/2 of the Chicago rap duo, New Outlawz (alongside Vutumn Jay) but has been focusing more on his solo work. YesImSlick carries himself with that west coast vibe as well as that west coast flow. The man spits straight bars needless to say YesImSlick is very versatile, he can sing, he can rap, and this is exactly what the Chicago underground community needs.
With his latest offering “Amnesia” (link found below) you will find exactly that. Soon the underground community will recognize YesImSlick for his worth, until then, he will remain humble.

Screen Shot 2017-08-02 at 9.23.57 PMNOE

“NOE. Northside over everything” sings Chicago native Osa. Representing for the Northside, this Chicago born and Nigerian raised DJ turned rapper and song writer has been engineering and writing his own music for the past 4 years now.

Osa’s unique sound can be attributed to the fact that he spent 5 years in Nigeria growing accustomed to a way of life that was completely foreign to him. With His return to the US in 2012 at age 16, he brought a whole new perspective on life and a mentality that few his age could understand. We see this reflected in the lyrical content and style in songs like “4 the Kids” and “Her Favorite Song.” After close listening, you can also hear the influence of artists he admires like Akon, Biggie Smalls, Young Thug, 070 Shake, Michael Jackson, Kanye West, Jake Mela, professor Kietel and Sir Victor Uwaifo.

Always open to collaborations with his fellow underground Chicago artists OSA has managed to branch out of the typical hip hop niche and reach people from all walks of life. His latest project “©it’s just water” is an 8 track collection of songs that explores topics if life, friendship, and the daily struggle of living as a black youth in Chicago.

Currently pursuing a degree in Radio at Columbia College Chicago, it’s obvious that the “be yourself” thememed artist wants to hone his craft on all levels. With features in various underground magazines and blogs, a music team pumping out material on a daily basis and strong support from the underground community, the time is ripe for this 22 year old young man to take off.

7:30pm – Dat Bizness

“Dat Bizness”. The name will certainly speak for itself. Andreaus “Dat Bizness” Haley has expressed an undying passion for his “hood” where he was raised: the South-Eastside of Chicago, IL., in the Germano Millgate Apartments. Music [Muzik] has always boiled in his blood. He started playing the saxophone at the age of 11. After conquering the intuitive stages of instrumentation, he started blessing the microphone by age 13. Since then, he has had the opportunity to polish his rhymes, delivery, and strengthen the rap game with his razor sharp punchlines, ultimately transforming him into “Dat Bizness”.

In 2007, Dat Bizness hooked up with, now rap partner, ILL Gordon, forming the dynamic rap duo known as Substance. After dropping numerous mixtapes, and after killing many stages with high-energy performances, after traveling to many states, Substance quickly gained critical acclaim amongst Hip Hop enthusiast. They further went on to release their first album in 2013, entitled No Grey Area. By 2014, the dynamic rap duo dropped their second release entitled DOPE. You can find Substance’s releases now available for purchase on iTunes. Most recently, Dat Bizness has become a father, and the birth of his son has sparked a whole new light within the artist. He has since begun work on his first solo venture, self-entitling the solo project in especial honor of his new-born son.

Dat Bizness wants listeners to know the following: “The message in this [solo] album is to remember to stay progressive, be humble, and be yourself!” This is why he took a self-entitled approach to his new album. His point-of-view strongly defines who he is, and his message will resonate for years to come.

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