This Week – August 24th, 2017

August 24h, 2017 Join us for our weekly show featuring all Chicago music, Thursdays from 6-8pm on 88.7FM WLUW or streaming online at!

It’s Hex’s birthday… which is a big deal since he usually keeps this information from all of us! He has invited some of his favorite Chicago people on to guest DJ this week!

6:00p – Magix King

Magix King, born and raised on the Southside of Chicago, has been practicing the art of hip-hop since first hearing a cipher in the park. Growing up he was surrounded by distractions but the love for music always kept his mind focused. “It started as just a way to get things off my mind, then I learned about the power of communication. I love the way it feels to hear a song and find comfort, feeling like somebody knows whats up”. Being family oriented connecting with someone, having the desire to comfort and entertain came naturally. “I remember how he was all about the people even since the beginning, open mics, shows or whatever it was he wouldn’t put the set together until we got there because he had to feel what the crowd needed to hear-nomme”.

While growing, practicing and perfecting his art Magix understood that along with having a great music library, timing is everything. “My uncle used to tell me your music has to be able to stand for itself. Right now I have a strong movement behind me, Royal Lifestyle, and I am beginning to execute the plan, I feel like I am right on time”. March 9, 2012 Magix released his first solo mixtape entitled “Dream Catcher”. Throughout this collection of music he touches on many emotions from mirror conversations, love, pain etc. It takes you on a understand travel, understanding that this artist has talent and the means to make a difference in the industry if not the world. He is currently working on “the Workout Session” a mixtape that shows Magix’s growth. The desire to grow does not seem to be stopping anytime soon. Lyrically, production wise and even his mentality seems to be on a higher scale. “We came to take over like it or not/ the grinding don’t stop/ until I’m retiring my pops/ and my moms on a yacht/ and then I’m working on the city that I’m from/ where us kings hung/ spitting ill verses since we was young-Magix King”.

Magix has performed overseas in Luxembourg, Europe as a result from “Dream Catcher”. He has performed numerous times making sure to leave a memorable impact on the crowd. For Magix King right now that’s what he is really focused on, the music and the people. “Hip-Hop is in a state of transition where people are beginning to miss the feelings that they once felt when listening…” that’s why he felt timing was everything, “…it’s my time now, the plan is in affect”. 2017 is going to be a big year for Magix King and the Royal Lifestyle movement.

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6:30p – Sandra Trevino

Sandra is a music journalist currently residing in Chicago. You can listen to her on the radio every Friday morning at 8AM on 91.1FM @Vocalo and the 2nd/4th Monday of the month, from 6-8PM, on 105.5FM @LumpenRadio. Sandra is the creator of

7:00p – Donnie Moore

Absolutely Not play terse, ripping punk rock n’ roll with glam flourishes that is high energy, melodic and just pretty fuckin’ cool.”

“Maybe what impresses me most about Absolutely Not guitarist and front man Donnie Moore is his bizarre knack for sounding like a charming snot-nosed brat. Absolutely Not are at their best when they hammer through blown-out garage songs that last less than two minutes and let Moore’s charisma take charge.” – CHICAGO READER

7:30p – Curt Cohiba

Curt Cohiba is the son of a DJ from the south side of Chicago (Father) and an IBM programmer from Cabrini Green (Mother.) Cohiba was born in March of 1991, the pinnacle of hip-hop and the era of Michael Jordan. Thus, Curt fell in love with music and basketball. He became an MC and a basketball coach. Curt studied Film and almost anything having to do with a message at Loyola University Chicago where he received a Bachelors degree in Communication.

Curt founded L.O.T.T.O. Entertainment (Learn Only To Teach Others) in 2010 during his sophomore year of college. He started the brand Learn Only To Teach Others to build an intangible bridge from college to low-income communities and to also provide a platform for people to master a craft and then teach it in the future. Curt is adamant about this philosophy: “We learn from every situation every day.” He also believes humans learn the most through things that entertain them.

Curt works with philanthropists and community activist around the Chicago-land area. In the midst of mentoring, running his organization, and performing with his live band, Curt writes unorthodox controversial lyrics that express the frustrations of some of his colleagues as the voice of how they truly feel about being a young professional in America.

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