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Surabhi Ensemble-Raga Blues

Chicago’s Surabhi Ensemble is a global music and dance collective representing different musical cultures including Indian raga, Arab Maqam music, Spanish flamenco, American blues and British psychedelic rock. The group was founded by Indian veena artist Saraswathi Ranganathan in 2010 and features Ronnie Malley (Arab oud and vocals) and Las Guitarras de Espana band leader…


Celebrate the sounds of ¡ESSO! Afrojam Funkbeat

“Got it get it on with a sound that’s true, If there ain’t nothing left let it do what it do. Got to want to let it all go. Play the soundtrack on your stereo.“ “Holy funk!” I mouthed in admiration as my head bopped to the first few seconds of ¡ESSO! Afrojam Funkbeat’s new single,…


Buya set to release “Buya Live” on Mar. 26 at HOB

Buya is pleased to announce its new album “Buya Live” with a release concert at the legendary House of Blues. The concert is Thursday, March 26th at 8pm and will feature Buya’s dynamic and soulful rendering of Afro­Puerto Rican bomba. After five years of performing and touring, Buya has recorded its first album, “Buya Live”….