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The AV Club

Chicago’s The AV Club serves up some serious funk and jazz on its eponymous new album. The AV Club finds bassist, composer and band leader Andrew Vogt and his fellow musicians in fine form across eight tracks including propulsive opener “Stevland,” New Orleans stomper “Fat Tuesday,” the experimental (and Frank Zappa-esque) snippet “Thumbs Up” and…


Jo Ann Daugherty-Bring Joy

Much like her local contemporaries (including saxophonists Chris Greene and Shawn Maxwell), Chicago pianist, band leader and composer Jo Ann Daugherty uses instrumental jazz as a springboard to pay homage to (and in some cases to cover) artists from the worlds of soul, funk and even classical music. One her new CD, Bring Joy, Daugherty…


Gramps the Vamp-The Cave of 10,000 Eyes

Chicago’s Gramps the Vamp refer to their particular brand of instrumental music as “doom funk.” Although this descriptor might be a bit tongue in check, it is wholly appropriate as the band draws from horror soundtracks and 60’s novelty/sound effects records while honoring the legacy of acts like The JBs, Ohio Players and Fela Kuti….


This Week – September 15th, 2016

September 15th, 2016 Join us for our weekly show featuring all Chicago music, Thursdays from 6-8pm on 88.7FM WLUW or streaming online at wluw.org! ESSO Afrojam Funkbeat – 6:30pm ESSO (El Sonido Sonic Octopus) perform funky Afro-Latino and roots rock inspired dance music. The ethnically diverse crew of musicians establish rustic polyrhythmic grooves and combine…


Hood Smoke – Rough Around the Hedges

Chicago’s Ears & Eyes Records has released Hood Smoke‘s third album, Rough Around the Hedges. The album opens with the one-two punch of “Time to Move On,” an expansive funk workout that highlights band leader Bryan Doherty’s command of the bass, and “Jade Lights,” which features a soulful lead vocal by Sarah Marie Young. “Alluring…


Celebrate the sounds of ¡ESSO! Afrojam Funkbeat

“Got it get it on with a sound that’s true, If there ain’t nothing left let it do what it do. Got to want to let it all go. Play the soundtrack on your stereo.“ “Holy funk!” I mouthed in admiration as my head bopped to the first few seconds of ¡ESSO! Afrojam Funkbeat’s new single,…


Ambideckstriks’ Sneak Peek

Born and raised in the home of house music, Chicago Illinois, it makes sense that DJ Ambideckstriks has been dominating turntables for over 15 years. He specializes in the soulful styles of funk, hip hop, house, and of course… the vibrant sounds made while manipulating the needles on vinyl known as scratching. DJ Ambideckstriks can…

Evasive Backflip Releases New Album

Evasive Backflip is an experimental rock band from Chicago, IL. “Pussy Up” was recorded by Brian Fox and Rob Majchrowski @ Two States Audio. Art by Katya Hervatin. Evasive Backflip is: Ben Karas-Drums, Vocals Corey Anderson-Horns Josh Huggins-Guitar, Vocals Marcus Drake-Bass, Vocals Pussy Up by Evasive Backflip