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Layla Frankel 2

Layla Frankel-Tame the Fox

Chicago singer-songwriter Layla Frankel has dropped her debut EP, Tame the Fox, a solid collection of literate, soulful folk-rock. Tame the Fox opens with “To Disregard,” a lyrically rich country-folk tune with some bluesy electric guitar. Frankel’s voice (which nods to Bonnie Raitt as a likely influence) is strong right out of the gate. “Tenderly”…


Esso – Pueblo Unido

If you are looking for the perfect local group that mixes Hip Hop and Spanish, we have found THE ONE! What am I talking about? Esso Afrojam Funkbeat. With their most popular song Mundo Vale (feat. Luis Tubens) they have truly transformed music in a whole new way. I was allowed to meet with the…


Melkbelly – Mount Kool Kid

There’s something perfectly communicative about the name Melkbelly—it sounds heavy, or weird, or SOMETHING—but even if you can’t quite put your finger on it you know you’re going to cue them up anyway. Jump in with their new 7” release, “Mount Kool Kid/Elk Mountain,” a psychedelic, chaos-rock slow-build juggernaut of hypnotic Chicago noise goodness. Everything…


Gabe’s Corner

The youth of Chicago’s hip hop scene are something very impressive. Although the 3 featured in this weeks’ Gabe’s Corner are no spring chickens to the game, these heavyweights have the history and track record most of you aspiring artists reading this would kill for. Don’t front. Speaking of.. don’t front on these new submissions…


TALsounds – Natal Host

Two tracks… An experiment in sound and exploration. Natalie Chami gives us a peek inside. While most artists would shy away from the listener invading the creative process, Natal Host allows the listener the feeling of being in the same room as Chami while she plays and harmonizes with her new instrument. This album is an audio dream…

DEADBEAT - Big Forever

Deadbeat – Big Forever

Chicago’s DEADBEAT is an electronic pop band that came from the ashes of Absinthe and The Dirty Floors. They have frequented Radio One Chicago often, and we are always excited when they release an album. Evolving with their glitchy pop sound, the band has dove into a more twitchy sound (it makes sense, just listen…

forgiving the gods, the swan king

The Swan King – Forgiving The Gods

You definitely don’t have to forgive any god you worship for this album being made. The Swan King‘s latest release, Forgiving The Gods is a brooding piece of rock. For lovers of heavy rock, this album will get you going in the morning as if it was aural coffee. Simply heavy and rocked out, this album is…

foul tip

Foul Tip – Forever Driftin’

Foul Tip is a two piece drum and bass band from Chicago. Tonally, they are reminiscent of Evil Beaver, who actually originated from Chicago! The band uses heavy distorted bass guitar riffs over loud and rocked out drums. While they may be self-deprecating, their music is not. Sure, you may want to ram your head…

Alex Zelenka

Alex Zelenka – Dyssfunction

Alex Zelenka was born in Chicago, Illinois. From a young age Alex studied music and aspired to be a professional musician and actor. Since then Alex has become a respected musician, producer and DJ. Performing countless shows in nearly every major US city and touring Europe are among his many accomplishments. Alex has also worked…

too far out

Sexy Fights – Too Far Out

The lights are low, the fog machine is on, the boys are on one side of the dance floor, and the girls on the other. Strait off the bat, I felt romanced by Sexy Fights‘ opening track.  The end gives you the courage to get up and ask for that first dance. All the songs are well crafted,…