It started in an airplane from Kunming, China to Hong Kong. Suri was deciding whether she wanted to take a piano teaching job away from Chicago, where she was born and raised. As , fears of failure, and worries about her insecurities rose to the surface mid-flight, she knew she couldn’t make a choice at that very moment, but she knew one thing for sure , and that was to write a song. Between the yes and No, she had to write the song.

Suri is still connected to her classical music roots, but has performed as a Jazz singer and as a folk/pop artist. She’s recently teamed up with producer, mixer Taylor K. Phipps for her latest project “As I Am”. The EP is a fusion of Suri’s sweet vocals, poetic lyrics, and piano themes with the electric, synth feel.

Suri’s first melodies emerged from uncomfortable times whether she was struggling with her indecisiveness going through a heartbreak, or when she was on a plane moving half way across the world.
She may not know your story, but she hopes you will find that hers resonants with yours ..