#ROCrecommends | September 28th – October 1st

Are you wishing it’s the weekend as much as we are? It’s time for #ROCRecommends! To ensure that we stick by #AllChicagoEverything, we’re including events that feature artists of interest! These are the events that we’re excited for this weekend.


Currency Exchange Cafe | 305 East Garfield Boulevard Chicago IL

D-Composed is an intimate chamber music experience that celebrates musicians and composers within the African Diaspora.

Space is limited, so RSVP as soon as you can!!!


Beauty School formed in Chicago in late 2015 when two groups of musicians joined forces to pursue their shared appreciation of sweet hooks, simple arrangements, pithy love songs, and future plates.
Voted “Best Feminist Rock n’ Roll Exorcism (Critics Picks)” for The Chicago Reader’s Best of Chicago 2015 issue, she speaks in tongues is artist/vocalist Kate McCandless, who lures with nostalgic blues, rock, and pop music and cultural references – simultaneously embracing and questioning their authority and comforts with a dark, feminist bent. For this show, armed with voice, body, and looping pedal, McCandless will be performing a sneak peek showcase of songs from her latest Bjork inspired album in progress, FEELkyah.

Impulsive Hearts is Chicago in the summertime, beaches, swimming after dark, dance parties, bright colors, sweat, glitter, and love on an endless loop.

A nostalgic basement groove with lots of femme and whiskey on it’s breath, Sugarpulp is consistently contagious. An adventure from the sharp and punchy to the smoky and narcotic. United in their passion for the stage, Sugarpulp was founded in 2016 by some theater kids from across the country who found each other in Chicago. The fusion of their creative talents form a vibe that is uniquely Sugarpulp, rooted in hypnotic beats, dance-your-pants-off energy and teeth to tear-up your senses. Guitar and vocals by Sam Allyn, Patrick Foley on bass, and drums from Patrick Riley meld with front-woman Deb Chesterman’s arrow-like voice and poetically pulp lyrics to bring you their self-described ‘Dirt Pop.’


A sports fund-raiser like no other – for a sport that is like no other!

You may have seen what roller derby is like on the track, but here you will get to share the soul, pain, and excitement that derby players go through.

Enjoy the art, talk with members of the team, participate in the silent action, and sip some adult beverages. There is no age limit to attend but you must be 21+ to drink. There will also be a raffle for some fabulous prizes.

All proceeds will benefit The Chicago Outfit, a skater owned and operated not for profit league.


Deanna Devore | SG Lewis