#ROCrecommends | October 26th – October 29th

Are you wishing it’s the weekend as much as we are? It’s time for #ROCRecommends! To ensure that we stick by #AllChicagoEverything, we’re including events that feature artists of interest! These are the events that we’re excited for this weekend.

Thursday October 26th

Xoe Wise | Panic Priest
FREE SHOW // 21+

On each of her records, Wise has continued to build her relationship with prominent media including Chicago Tribune Redeye that called an early single “spiritual,” Chicago Innerview who recognized Wise as “the singer/songwriter and pop counterpart to Toro Y Moi’s chill-wave synth ballads” and The Deli Chicago that named Wise a best emerging artist of 2012. Most recently in 2015, Baeble Music praised Racecar EP track “Where Do You Go” as “a dance hall track for your bedroom.”

Death, sex and doomed romance. Panic Priest is the project showcasing the songs of singer / songwriter / multi instrumentalist Jack Armondo (My Gold Mask). A combination of self produced home recording and in-studio polish, aided and abetted on record by friends and guest musicians. Weaving together dream-like guitars and synths, Panic Priest creates midnight melodies that won’t soon leave your memory once dawn breaks.

Friday October 27th

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Saturday October 28th

ChicagoMade 2017 A&R Auditions & Public Performances
Chicago Cultural Center | 12:30pm

#ChicagoMade 2017 A&R Auditions is a DCASE program that provides Chicagoland-based artists & bands the opportunity to showcase their work live in front of A&R executives from major and independent record labels. Come enjoy the performances and root on our local talents at the Claudia Cassidy Theater on the 2nd floor of the Chicago Cultural Center!

The event will feature Emily Blue Jess Godwin Marina City Zigtebra Bella Button Terry Got Fired Clique James Ausar Emann & JoJo Kirk Luye Matt Muse Fans of ndpndnt Anthony Pavel Dani Isaily and Rj Collins!

Sunday October 29th

Vale | Andy Slater | Rasplyn | Cinchel
Burlington | 21+


Vale is Scott Cortez (astrobrite) and Kelly Coffey (Radio Shaq, no more dead girls, and various, poorly named, side projects), playing goth-tinged, post punk, shoegaze noise.


Andy Slater Will be performing music from his new mutant-electronic project, CALCULATOR FONT. People have been making weird alien electronic horror music since the beginning of time and Calculator Font is no exception. Ludes, made-for-tv time travel soundrracks, and Interdimensional beings have guided Slater into this new realm but it is his faulty cyberneticsthat trapped him inside. Please help him!


Rasplyn is the solo project of Carolyn O’Neill who uses her experience with classical composition, and as a Clairvoyant Reader and Energy Healer, to create mystical and visual landscapes with her music. Her style features dark and beautifully textured layers influenced by world culture and fantasy. Her debut album, ‘Scenes Through the Magic Eye’, was released on Nov. 30th, 2014 via Mythical Records and the video for her track ‘Scarlets of the Sand’ was featured by Noisey/VICE on May 12th, 2016. She is excited to have Fyodor Sakhnovski of Radiant Devices joining her on percussion.


Cinchel is an ambient/drone sound artist from Chicago. His work focuses mostly on the abstraction of musical instruments to create pieces that are minimal and dense. His live sets focus on realtime manipulation of improvisational guitar.