#ROCrecommends | October 12th – 15th

Are you wishing it’s the weekend as much as we are? It’s time for #ROCRecommends! To ensure that we stick by #AllChicagoEverything, we’re including events that feature artists of interest! These are the events that we’re excited for this weekend.


4th Annual A Book that Changed My Life
Fulton Street Collective
1821 W Hubbard St


Nikki Morgan | Eric Quigley | Brontë Fall
Resistor Chicago
2955 W. Belmont Ave
8pm | $10 suggested donation | BYOB


Rented Rooms | Last Giant | Sewingneedle | Hungry Man


Rest yourself in a rented room.


On the heels of Last Giant’s 2015 debut record Heavy Habitat and two years of steady touring comes Memory Of The World, an inwardly drawn collection of 11 electrifying tracks. The album is infused with a deep and nuanced 70’s rock sound with progressive embellishments along the way and Last Giant continues to obliterate the pretty confines of everyday rock in this sophomore release. The album was engineered and co-produced by Larry Crane (Tape Op, Elliott Smith), mixed by Paul Malinowski (Shiner, The Life and Times) and mastered by Mike Nolte (Of Montreal). Last Giant doesn’t treat rock as sedentary form. They are bold. They’ve evolved and Memory Of The World is that bittersweet record, arriving at just the right moment, where facets of our culture seem steady and adrift.


Chicago’s Sewingneedle is made up of three deeply troubled and unhealthy dudes. Turned loose on the world in 2011, its members (Cream Kickin’ Drake, Reuben Eatin’ Calvin, and Truly Upset For the Wrong Reasons Danny) were raised by a single father in the suburbs of the Greater Chicagoland area, communicating by only semaphore for years while their father toiled to pay for music lessons, brewery classes, and something called “Geophysics competitions”. Dude never once got a thank you. Sewingneedle’s first album came out in June of 2015, and pretty quickly they were compared to such great Chicago-based rock bands as Pinebender and .22. They transcend these comparisons, creating a pretty unholy noise that’s equal parts melody, pummel, and sophistication. Or 1/3 part each, with a tiny bit more given to PUMMEL. They play as if they’ve known each other since little times. Which they have, if you remember the above-paragraph about their long-suffering, single father who worked endlessly for these ingrates. Sewingneedle has recently been in the studio, completing work on their next album, User Error. Recorded and mixed yet again by the hilarious and capable Greg Norman (GY!BE, Pinebender, Asunders, Bottomless Pit), this banger will be out sometime by the end of 2017. They plan on playing a few shows throughout the summer, and continue to ignore calls from their brilliant, broken father. Straight to voicemail, y’all. That’s how they roll. – Ike Turner (Minutes, OUT), Sewingneedle band dad.


Ugly/pretty, aggressive/mellow, loud/soft, up/down-tempo punk rock four-piece Chicago guitar band. Sound like Badfinger, act like The Eagles. Jeff Fox, Jim Kamp, and Andy Kosinski, and Neal Markowski: Slinging the hooks since 2014.


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