#ROCrecommends – July 13th – 16th

Guess what’s back?! That’s right, #ROCRecommends! To ensure that we stick by #AllChicagoEverything, we’re including events that feature artists of interest! These are the events that we’re excited for this weekend.



Pilsen Fest Battle of the Bands Invitational Series at Simone’s Bar!

Pilsen Fest partners up with People’s Stage Karaoke and Simone’s Bar to bring you something truly awesome!


-3 bands play every Thursday
-load in from 8pm to 9pm
-Doors at 9pm
-9 to 10 pm interviews with acts in the LAB
-Rock,Paper,Scissors will decide who plays at what time
-30 min set
-30 min transition
-10 11 12 set times
-3 Judges scores and crowd participation will help come about one winner each Thursday.
-winner receives payed gig at the 2017 Pilsen Fest



silverThe Silver Room Block Party is one of Chicago’s most popular, diverse and significant free summer events. We know that community, art and culture are our biggest assets and we are proud to serve our community for another year.

You can help us make sure the Block Party is always a safe, fun, inclusive and free event by donating, volunteering and bringing your friends and loved ones.










Sadie and the stark is Tom, John, Anthony, and Sadie. A femme-rock, fantasy band for your soul majoring in sci-fi.


Little Yellow Dog wants to see you cry while dancing uncontrollably. We want you to tell your ex to get bent and love yourself for who you are. We’re sad so you can be happy. We’re angry so you can be beautiful.We are based on the premise of living vicariously through others. We want to teach everyone who sees us how to be happy through all the strange moments we’ve all been through. Musically, we have a punky, folky, rocking kind of sound. Everyone has a good time. Yeah!


The Just Luckies are a band comprised of musical influences from Alabama, Chicago, Indiana, and Ohio. Having new members since their last release the band has evolved from their folk-rock sound to a more genre bending style that they’ve been calling twang-punk. Twang-punk embodies their influences like, rock’n’roll, blues, country, americana, but most importantly it represents the spirit of the music. From their super heroine-esque name, to their sharp critique-like lyrics, all the mates intend shake and liberate their listeners. As the lead guitarist once said “being a band of mostly queer women, we are spoiled.” The Just Luckies create a safe respectful space for all, but stretch out a hand to those who’ve ever felt they don’t belong.


Toronto’s Beams is a band that defies easy categorization. The sound of Beams’ two female voices in harmony, combined with banjo, mandolin, lap steel guitar and singing saw brings together elements of folk, psych rock and a tinge of country to create music that echoes long-dead Appalachian voices while bravely injecting that spirit into 21st century pop.