Recommended Shows | Nov 16th – Nov 19th

Are you wishing it’s the weekend as much as we are? It’s time for #ROCRecommends! To ensure that we stick by #AllChicagoEverything, we’re including events that feature artists of interest! These are the events that we’re excited for this weekend.



Fauvely | Arelie | Dorsia
Resistor Chicago

FAUVELY is the project of Chicago-based singer-songwriter Sophie Brochu, who melds folk with dream pop and a touch of shoegaze in music that feels deeply personal. The title of her debut EP, Watch Me Overcomplicate This, speaks to the confessional tone of songs that range from delicately self-effacing to hauntingly sad.

-Laura Kerry, THRDCOAST

DORSIA, a project that humbly began as a collection of bedroom iPhone recording’s dating back to 2015, is the brainchild of Chicago multi instrumentalist and songwriter Alice Kraynak of Idylls and Fauvely

with hazy reverb washed atmospheres reminiscent of my bloody Valentine and Slowdive and 60s pop inspired melodies Kraynak navigates listeners through the complexities of untraditional relationships.

ARELIE is the side project of Chicago poly noise maker, and sonic explorer, Scottie Cortez of astrobrite, lovesliescrushing, vale, and others.

Arelie’s music is a song cycle composed from an actual, found, trashed, memo book of a teen girl’s, saccharine poetry, left in a brown bag on a Chicago curb.

With acid washed Tex-mex, folk-country, Americana atmospherics, that conjure the spirit images of Johnny Cash, Ian Curtis, Beat Happening, and Magnetic Fields, Cortez explores the angst filled, thrown away, heart broken text with his own minimalist, guitar lines and man voice.


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