The Peekaboos – The Quantifiable Song

‘The Quantifiable Song’ is the newest Music video from The Peekaboos, Chicago based interstellar punk rockers. The Video is heavily inspired by John Carpenter films and features laser gun battles, exploding Hitler-heads and pig puppetry in a style that can be described as ‘sledgehammer satire’. The video was made at Kildare Studios in conjunction with “NEW TRASH.”

The Peekaboos:
The Peekaboos are a punk rock band from Chicago Illinois that have been actively involved in the DIY scene since 2011. Their music ranges from punk rock to folk but is tied together with satirical, anti-authoritarian sentiment, laid across thick and dripping wet guitars. Their latest release is ‘Help Stop Decay’ which sold out in 3 months, but repressing are available through the band and Dark Circles Records.

New Trash:
“New Trash is the film-making duo of Nat Alder and Connor Wiles. Combining the low budget anything goes Grindhouse works of Roger Corman and William Castle with the high concept video art of Spike Jonze and Chris Cunningham, the two hope to channel their DIY roots to make films that embrace fearless unhinged creativity by using low cost methods that allow the creators to retain control over their new engaging works. ”

Upcoming Shows:
May 11th @EmporiumArcadeBar
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