Mailbag | September 26th, 2017

As always, we come across so many awesome artists from all around Chicago. Here are some we’re currently playing, we hope you enjoy the songs! Let us know which is your favorite!

Espejos – Power/Control

The title track from their latest album provokes the question of the perception of dominance.

cinchel – The Thawing

cinchel is known for making soundscapes, and this ep can prepare you for a long cold Chicago winter. Always able to paint a picture with sounds more than notes, “The Thawing” gives you a sonic representation of a distant, but upcoming Spring.

Terroir – Heavy Sigh

Terroir(/Ter’Wär/) is a good old fashioned rock and roll three piece out of Chicago. Their second EP, “We Don’t Care and We Don’t Have To” was released this past weekend and recorded at DZ Records in Hickory Hills. Play this album LOUD!

LOUDA – Never Meant 2

An original composition, “Never Meant 2” is an ode to anyone transitioning from a new love into long time love. Acoustically performed, this track is bare bones – a raw combination of guitar and voice to hone in on real emotions. 

13 Angels – Blood Sex and Water Falls

13 Angels is a Chicago based Psychobilly band with a classy murderous sound.