Mailbag – March 6th, 2017

As always, we get a ton of mail from wonderful artists from around Chicago. Here’s some more great music that we got in the past few weeks! We hope you enjoy the songs! Please let us know which one is your favorite.

LOUDA – Summer Crush

Changing gears from the classical realm, LOUDA elevates her sound through scat and soul in her own songwriting and eclectic song cover choice.

So Pretty – Comfort Service

Two guitarists, one a screeching feral cat and the other a vocal powerhouse, cracking the whip on their smash and grab drummer and the lost bassist from Sublime. Creating a sound that assaults and snuggles you at the same time.

Lea Violet – Addiction

Chris Greene Quartet – Boundary Issues

The CGQ has been a highly visible part of Chicago’s jazz scene since 2005, and has maintained a stable lineup.

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