Mailbag – Feb 27th, 2017

As always, we get a ton of mail from wonderful artists from around Chicago. Here’s some more great music that we got in the past few weeks! We hope you enjoy the songs! Please let us know which one is your favorite.

Joslyn-Marie F/ Joseph Chilliams – Universal Feeling

Smooth laid back song with a great groove.

Bianca Shaw – Bi-Polar

Hip Hop Emcee-Singer-Drummer-Songwriter, she does it all!

Oblio and Arrow – A Tap On The Shoulder

“Steps” is Oblio and Arrow’s sophomore release. The record was written and recorded by Matthew Kopecky and the rest of Oblio and Arrow over the past couple years.

Danny B.A.Rz – Djembe

“Djembe” is the newest single from Reflective Music artist Mr. Talented. Written and produced by Mr. Talented himself, he is waking up ancestors with energetic lyrics and drums

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