Laura Joy-Between Our Words

lj_cover_art_finalChicago’s Laura Joy has crafted an EP (produced by fellow local musician Will Phalen) of sunny folk-pop that goes a bit deeper lyrically than much upbeat singer-songwriter fare.

Between Our Words opens with “Takes a While,” an accessible, even bouncy, number that extolls patience, especially apparent in the verse “spider spins her web and the wind kicks up / she’s left for dead / but all she did was wait / she doesn’t push too hard to create.”

The second track, “Courting Disaster” is, as the title suggests, a shade darker than “Takes a While” and goes even deeper lyrically: “things move a little faster with each day / courting disaster I display my fondness for you carefully.”

The album’s title track is the sparest song (both musically and lyrically) in the collection, but “Moving On” is a real stunner! Joy gives her best vocal performance on this cut and offers up more poetic imagery: “my day hauls me out the door / past these places we ate and places I don’t see you no more.”

The EP’s final song, “Phoenix,” an ode to Joy’s hometown smolders musically but burns brightly in the lyrics: “summer boiled and we’d flee / north to the rains and the trees / write our names in muddy ash with our toes / deep in the dirt of those sleepy volcanoes.”