Kevin Andrew Prchal-Love & Summer

Cover ArtChicago singer-songwriter Kevin Andrew Prchal will be dropping the digital version of his third album, Love & Summer, tomorrow (Friday, June 30) with vinyl and CDs set to be shipped on or around August 1st. Radio One Chicago readers are treated to an advance listen via Soundcloud.

Love & Summer opens with “Make Me a Believer,” a gorgeous track that features Prchal’s wife Aly on backing vocals. The short (an undeniably sweet) “That Feeling” follows suit, the young couple’s voices mingling with acoustic guitar and the sound of birds chirping.

The title track is an uptempo showstopper (pedal steel, banjo, tambourine and piano making a beautiful (and beautifully arranged) racket), while “Look Me in the Eye” has a wonderful immediacy and sense of purpose.

“The Wind That Spun the Wheel” has all of the charm of an Alan Lomax field recording just as the following track, “Simple Thrill,” takes full advantage of IV Lab Studios where it and the other tracks were recorded.

“Luke & the Universe,” is a minute-long, instrumental swirl named for and dedicated to a close friend of Prchal’s who died unexpectedly in 2015, while “Faded Island” spotlights Prchal’s soulful vocals which are very much in the vein of Father John Misty.

Further down the track list, “Illinois” is a stately tribute to the songwriter’s home; “Giant’s Hollow is accentuated with hand claps and the hum of cicadas; “Listen to the River” is fine country rock that sounds like it could have been released in 1973; “Midnight in the Churchyard” is darker (and funkier) than anything else on the album.

Love & Summer wraps up with the piano-led “Back to the Earth” and the yearning “Our Year,” both brilliant closing statements on an equally brilliant album.