January ’18 – Hip Hop Cypher

Duos change the world. Jobs and Wozniak pioneered computing. The Wright Brothers defied gravity. Chicago C.R.E.A.M. team are redefining music. Donnie Macc and Turk The Champ seamlessly blend genres to craft a sound both unique and familiar. Their debut project (set to impact in the first half of 2017) is a parade of sound with universal songwriting. People always ask what it takes to make it in the music industry. It takes two.

This is the story of a dreamer. Born February 25, 1991, TJ Strozier, an urban artist from Flint, Michigan, who now resides in Chicago, started his journey as a boy who wanted to write. A boy who just wanted to write anything people would love. Submerging himself in the art of music, TJ began to take on a abstracted persona; creating his musical identity, Dreamer. After capturing the attention of his home state, Dreamer set forth to infiltrate and concur the rest of the world using his undeniable musical talent.