Gabe’s Corner – The Return (10.11.16)

Hey All! I’ve been gone for a while and I should have left you with more than a ghost to fill to my spot. But I’m back at it, and am eager to spread love and music from the Chicago Hip-Hop scene. Let’s get away from the sentimental talk and right in to the beats and rhymes.

Awdazcate – Bolie

Awadazcate is a guy who can do it all. He can rap circles around you, he can produce his ass off, and he can get a show popping as a host. Again, he can do it all. His latest, Bolie, a 23 track frenzy and collection of sounds and arrangements features Chris Crack (this fucking guy is EVERYWHERE) and his For Real, For Real partner in crime, Pugs Atomz. Lock it in and strap it down, and plug your headphones in for this hot shit.

Bekoe – Sumthn Different

Bekoe who appeared last week on Radio One Chicago’s monthly Hip-Hop cypher, dropped his latest EP, Sumthn Different in late September (it’s still fresh like bread out the oven at Subway). His brand of energetic, and precise rapping is a sight to behold. Standout track, Uncle Sam with Dreezy captures the intensity of this latest effort. Fuck with it.

Ebjade – Lyric Queen

Arriving from Milwaukee, and currently stationed here in Chicago, Ebjade is ripping through bars and every “city at a time” on her latest single, Lyric Queen. We learn that this music isn’t a game for her and in her life. I appreciate the message and the confidence Ebjade exudes that makes her someone I’ll keep an eye on. Check it out.

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– @WeekendgabeGabe