Gabe’s Corner f/ D2G, Tony Baines, The Boy Illinois & Rockie Fresh

D2G – The 1st Hot Day EP

D2G and Tony Baines link up for their long awaited callaboration, The 1st hot Day EP. Tony Baines veteran presence and soulful production leads the way for D2G to slay each of the 7 tracks with incredible story telling and pin point rhyme precision. Baines and D2G together are hotter than the 4th of July. Trust me.

The Boy Illinois – Dance Like Diddy (Official Video)

The Boy Illinois is having a helluva month. At the top of June, we found out that he was signing a deal with the legendary Priority Records, and now he’s celebrating and Dancing Like Diddy in his new video. The Boy Illinois has passed through the WLUW studios plenty of times, and his energy and vibe is always on positive and you catch that feeling in Dancing Like Diddy.

Rockie Fresh – Praise Freestyle (Nobody Remix)

There’s nobody that wants to see Rockie Fresh succeed in this rap shit more than me. And when Rockie is rapping his ass off like he is on the new Praise Freestyle he dropped this week, ain’t nobody f’ing with him. Rockie is a beast, and sometimes it takes this kind of effort to remind you of his ferocity in the booth. Go get em’ champ.

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