Gabe’s Corner f/ Vic Mensa, The Whoevers, Show You Suck, Ang 13 & Longshot

Before we begin, some apologies are in order, I left you last week without a dope blog post to step to. I’m sure you all survived during the long Memorial Day holiday. But I’m back and let’s get to work. Vic Mensa, might of heard of him, has a new single, video and EP titled, There’s A lot Going On. Vic who was on the front lines during the protest after the Laquan McDonald drops a heavy message in this video, and also on the EP that features the song, 16 shots, buckle in. The Whoevers, one of the most fun and animated groups out of the Chi gets that much more interesting with the inclusion of ShowYouSuck on their new single and video, Four Finger Ring. At some point during the video, asks yourself, “What’s your high score?” And closing out this week is 2 living legends from the Chicago hip hop scene, Longshot and Ang 13 come strong as Army of 2. The reggae inspired, In This World slows things down and drops jewels for the betterment of humanity. A long shot possibly, but not impossible in this world.

Vic Mensa – There’s A lot Going On

The Whoevers – Four Finger Ring f/ Show You Suck

Army of 2 (Longshot & Ang13) – In This World

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