Gabe’s Corner

The youth of Chicago’s hip hop scene are something very impressive. Although the 3 featured in this weeks’ Gabe’s Corner are no spring chickens to the game, these heavyweights have the history and track record most of you aspiring artists reading this would kill for. Don’t front. Speaking of.. don’t front on these new submissions from King Louie, Rockie Fresh and Sir Michael Rocks. Louie is having fun in How We Settle, as is Mikey Rocks in How You So Calm? And Rockie is driving 88 again in Deloreon Gang 2.0, and where these joints are taking you, you won’t need roads. Salute.

King Louie – How We Settle That

Rockie Fresh – Deloreon Gang 2.0

Sir Michael Rocks – How You So Calm?

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