Evacuate the Earth-S/T

ETE_2017_4_panel_digipackChicago/Milwaukee trio Evacuate the Earth have dropped their ambitious sophomore album.

Evacuate the Earth opens with the partially spoken/partially sung sci-fi tune “Contact” and the rhythmic, jazzy “Interplanetary,” which sounds like Primus and Bjork jamming on a deserted space station.

“Ninth Planet” is a three-way marriage of wailing sax, elastic bass and skittery percussion while “Arrival” starts as a minimal no wave/post-punk tune that morphs first into a stunning piece of psychedelia and then into a free jazz freak-out complete with Theremin.

“The Eyes” has a bit of a goth/doom metal vibe while “Mayday” is apocalyptic post-rock. “March of the Senicons” mixes Darrin Wolf ‘s martial drums with Erin Brophy’s space-witch vocals and Daniel Kern’s punk-funk bass.

The album’s closer, “Evacuation Suite,” is a five-part piece that finds Evacuate the Earth at its most far-reaching as a unit: part “a” (“Invasion”) sets an ominous mood; part “b” (“May I Escape”) builds delirious momentum; part “c” (“To the Mothership”) has a sweep that is quite cinematic; part “d” (“Evacuation”) is perilous space opera; part “e” (“Liftoff”) is the aural equivalent of a black hole swallowing a star.