Elaine Dame-You’re My Thrill

dame_coverCombining the best elements of jazz, pop, cabaret and show tunes, Elaine Dame‘s new CD You’re My Thrill is a real winner.

The album opens with the title track (composed by Jay Gorney and Sidney Clare) and features tunes written by some of the giants of popular music. Dame’s take on Irving Berlin’s “They Say It’s Wonderful” (co-arranged by the artist and Jim Cox, who also plays bass on most of the tracks) is quite lovely as is a left-field, album-closing cover of Richard Thompson’s “The Dimming of the Day.”

Other highlights include a torchy take on Johnny Green’s “I Wanna Be Loved,” a super sexy version of Stanley Turrentine’s “Sugar,” “This Will Make You Laugh” (a hit for Nat King Cole), a cover of Joni Mitchell’s “All I Want” and the cocktail lounge stunner “Something to Live For.”

Musically, You’re My Thrill benefits from having some of Chicago’s top players on piano, drums, guitar and horns but at the center is Elaine Dame’s gorgeous voice.