Chip Ratliff-Resilient

RESILIENT_coverChicago musician Chip Ratliff will drop his first album in over ten years, the appropriately titled Resilient, on Friday, August 4.

Resilient opens with the title track, a spiritual spoken word piece and statement of purpose; Ratliff has seen some hard times and has the soul to overcome anything that the world puts in front of him.

“Dance! Dance! Dance!” follows and it is a Parliament-channeling funk workout that aims to get bodies moving. “Back When We Were Funky” is a bass and horn-driven throwback to the 1970s, when politics and current events informed the soul hits of the day (James Brown, among others, gets a shout out).

“Good to Me” is a modern blues standout, while “Cafe Sing” offers up slinky percussion, Santana-style guitars and an exotic, Prince-flavored vocal. “Somewhere Else Not Thinkin’ (About You)” is equal parts doo-wop and slow blues, while “WhyDoYouDoWhatchaDo” marries peak Stevie Wonder to slow jam R&B.

Resilient closes with “DirtyBlu,” a new wave funk/jazz hybrid and the album’s most adventurous track. Radio One readers can listen to the album in advance of the official release via Soundcloud.

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