Andy Pratt – Horizon Disrupted

Horizon Disrupted (front cover)Chicago guitarist, singer and songwriter Andy Pratt weaves elements of folk, jazz and post-rock on his Steve Albini-engineered debut, Horizon Disrupted.

The album opens with “Will You Be the One Tonight?,” a strings and guitar drenched torch song that could have been written and recorded anytime in the last 65 years: Albini’s engineering is warm and simple (as is Pratt’s singing) and the tune is absolutely timeless.

“When Did the Summer End?” follows suit (the strings recall classic 1950’s LPs by Frank Sinatra and Nat King Cole), while “She’s Gotten Into My Dreams” opens as a lullaby before quickly veering into a Tom Waits-style barroom ballad.

“Rocket Ship” floats gently skyward, propelled by violin, cello and viola, while “Somewhere Down the Road” adds some bossa nova to the mix. “I Saw You That Evening” is lovelorn and autumnal (“Well, everyone does love the sad and slow ones”) while the title track is evocative of dusk, dawn and the beautiful hours in between.

Horizon DisruptedĀ closes with “Through the Rain,” Pratt’s vocals and guitar giving way to brushed snare, lush strings and even a bit of French Horn.

Catch Andy Pratt on tour through July 1, 2017.