Cory Goodrich-W.O.M.A.N.

Chicago singer-songwriter/actress (she is currently appearing in the Mercury Theater’s acclaimed production of the Johnny Cash musical Ring of Fire) Cory Goodrich has dropped the solo CD, W.O.M.A.N. The album opens with the spirited “I’m a Woman” (written by Leiber-Stoller), which is followed by the tender original “The Price.” Elsewhere on the CD, originals like…

Jack Buttler Jones

Jack Butler Jones at Stage 773

Blues, at its best, is raw, immediate, and menacing. There’s a jagged edge to those familiar chord progressions, like a bad idea you can’t turn away from. If that doesn’t make sense, look no further than “Get Back Blues,” from Jack Butlers Jones. The churning guitar riff sounds dangerous like that last beer you know…

Stairs10WEB (1)

Elle Casazza celebrates new single release at Martyrs’

Elle Casazza is many things, but she isn’t “retro.” Sure, her music evokes a bygone era, when jazz and soul reigned supreme; granted, her voice commands attention in a way few contemporary singers can claim; and yes, her most obvious influences include Ella Fitzgerald, Gwen Stefani and Amy Winehouse. But “retro” implies she’s cashing in…


Ex-Mechanical Animals frontman goes solo, headlines Elbo Room

Josh Bryant, like the titular character in his new song “The Runner,” cannot be tamed. After breaking ranks with jam-informed blues/pop/rock trio Mechanical Animals, Bryant is embracing his inner singer/songwriter with aplomb. Recruiting Covergürl bassist Brian Calhoun and drummer Kwame Martin from The Midwest, Bryant‘s songs are musically and lyrically rich, telling stories that feel at…


Steve Leaf and the Ex Pats hit “Lightspeed” at Hideout

Imagine the experience of a long-doomed relationship finally flying apart, the center no longer able to hold. Imagine the tension of your comfort zone bursting, the resolve of returning to a life you may have almost forgotten. Somehow, Chicago’s Steve Leaf & The Ex Pats have captured that experience in four songs. From the first wash…

Mail Bag – September 25th, 2015

It’s that time of the week where we give all of you a glimpse of some of the mail that we get. Hope you like the tunes! Don’t forget to support the bands! The Peeves – I Want You to Know Romanticide by The Peeves Archie Powell & The Exports – Blind Truth (Mutts Cover)…


Jared Rabin – Something Left to Say

Chicago singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Jared Rabin, known for his work with progressive rock outfit The Hue and folk-pop band Falldown, played all of the instruments (save for drums) on his debut LP, Something Left to Say. That would be a pretty respectable feat on your average album, but is truly remarkable when you take into account the…


CumbiaSazo September Edition

After an incredible month on tour, the CumbiaSazo crew is heading home for a homecoming edition party! Join us for a night of sweat + pura vida as they welcome cumbia + global bass maestro Uproot Andy, all female Norteñas group Rimel + a full slate of supporting DJs, visual artists, live painters and more….