Esso – Pueblo Unido

If you are looking for the perfect local group that mixes Hip Hop and Spanish, we have found THE ONE! What am I talking about? Esso Afrojam Funkbeat. With their most popular song Mundo Vale (feat. Luis Tubens) they have truly transformed music in a whole new way. I was allowed to meet with the…

The Album Leave – Between Waves

The Album Leaf’s Between Waves is solid state insistent electronic hopefulness. Like what Jor-El might have listened to had he discovered a way to SAVE Krypton. Retrieving a glitchy bent from the early 2000s, “Between Waves” indeed seems like a secret broadcast for those lucky enough to pick up its rich, complex signal. Mostly instrumental…


Melkbelly – Mount Kool Kid

There’s something perfectly communicative about the name Melkbelly—it sounds heavy, or weird, or SOMETHING—but even if you can’t quite put your finger on it you know you’re going to cue them up anyway. Jump in with their new 7” release, “Mount Kool Kid/Elk Mountain,” a psychedelic, chaos-rock slow-build juggernaut of hypnotic Chicago noise goodness. Everything…