Lazy Legs – Chain of Pink

Wild Patterns will be releasing Lazy Legs’ EP Chain of Pink on December 16th. All proceeds from purchases of the single (and the EP upon release) through Bandcamp will be donated evenly between Planned Parenthood, Sierra Club and the ACLU. Riding between a wall of gravel distortion and off-kilter reverse reverb, “Chain of Pink” is…


Peter Joly-S/T

Singer-songwriter Peter Joly has been kicking around Chicago since the early 90s and is known for his work with the bands Big Breakfast and For Pilots. His self-titled debut finds him working with members of Iron & Wine, The Hoyle Brothers and Ryley Walker contributor Charles Rumback, but it is Joly’s weary voice and evocative…


Vaudevileins – Magician

Chicago four-piece Vaudevileins follow up a full-length and a handful of EPs with Magician, a new album available on vinyl, CD and via digital download. Magician, which was recorded and engineered by bassist Bill Aldridge at Third City Sound, Joliet, Ill and mixed and mastered by Jeff Halland in Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota, opens with “Sea…