Hidden Hospitals on Radio One Chicago

“Places revealed to those seeking resuscitation, rejuvenation, decompression, atonement.” Hidden Hospitals’ website reveals where the band derives its moniker. Their iconic mark captures the band’s foundational vision: obscured within the double “H,” a universal symbol for aid.


Gabe’s Corner- February 8th, 2015

It’s the day after the Super Bowl. Most folks are staggering in to work wishing they took a sick or personal day. Others are suffering through a case of the Monday’s. But here in Gabe’s Corner, we only suffer from success. Major Key! All jokes asides. Here’s what’s bubbling in the Chicago Hip Hop Scene….


Whales – The Music of Sound

Whales uses the term “Heaven Rock” as one of their ways to describe their music. I think that’s the perfect way to sum up this mixture of 60’s dreamy sounding guitar. You can hear a hint of classic rock, but with perfect pop sensibility. Janas vocals beautifully lay on top of the music more so…


DownVega – Give You My Love (single)

DownVega is the new indie-pop project of producer Jimmy Con (Comasoft, Ghosthouse), vocalist Beccy Schneider and bassist, Sam Lalk. Brought together through a chance connection via craigslist, Beccy stumbled upon Jimmy’s ad soliciting a vocalist for a studio project. The two began writing in the spring of 2015 for their debut EP to be released…

Savage Sister – Speechless

As you’re about to fall asleep, you hear a noise, you’re not sure if you’re about to have a dream or a nightmare. You realize that you’re transcending into something else, something different. That’s the sensation you feel as you start listening to Savage Sister’s latest album Speechless. Savage Sister takes 80’s sounding drums and mixes…